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Edel Golf / Torque Balanced Putters

We are happy to announce that we have partnered with Edel Golf . The fitting system for these putters is as comprehensive as I have ever seen. The putters we will be dealing with is their Torque Balanced line. You've seen putters balanced on one finger and if the face is parallel to the ground it is a 'face balanced' putter and is best for the stroke that is more of a pendulum motion, straight back and thru. Problem is we don't putt with the face parallel to the ground. The putter is on an incline. Take a face balanced putter and put a tee in the butt and hold the putter up with a pencil and lower it into the putting position. You will notice that the face tends to sway away from the target line. Torque balanced putters when balanced on your finger will have the toe pointing straight up. Do the same test on this putter and you will see that the head remains stationed towards the target when you put it in the actual putting position. This style of putter is happy to be in a squared position to the target at impact.

The necessities for good putting would be aiming ability (be sure that where you think you're aiming is in reality where you are aiming. Also proper speed so you have the ability to hit a putt two feet or twenty feet with accuracy. And path. Doesn't hurt to be able to properly read greens either.

Did you know that the majority of people do not aim a putter where they think they are? It's true. The reason is that different characteristics of a putter cause us to see different things. The things that affect aim are a) hosel configuration. More offset tends to aim us to the left. b) lie angle - more upright tends to have us aiming left. c) Head Shape - A blade shape tends to aim us left where a rounded mallet shape may send us to the right. d) aiming lines - More lines aim us left where less lines aim us right, lines at the top near the face aim us left where lines on the back section of the putter tend to aim us to the right. And you could be the exact reverse of what we just discussed.

The speed you use with any particular putter is controlled by head weight as well as counterweight and butt weight. Weight at either the hands or at the butt.

With the Edel fitting system every one of the items we have talked about are tested. The end result is a putter that is aimed exactly where you think it is aimed and has the correct mix of weight at the appropriate places that allows you to control the speed.,

So if you would like to shave some strokes come in and let us test your current putter and fit you into a custom built EDEL!

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