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On this page we’ll look at  the fitting and talk about  the process and the equipment we use to help make our decisions.  We are certified in all areas of the fitting process.  All of our fittings are dynamic fittings.  We always film your swing at either 300 fps or 600 fps.  We encourage you to only do one fitting at a time OR at least time it so a lunch break can be taken in between the two.   Each full fitting lasts about 1 1/2 to 2 hours and you will hit a lot of balls!

     We offer 5 types of fittings which are driver, iron, putter, wedge and shaft only.




     The driver fitting looks at head type and size, loft, shaft, length, grip, launch angle, face angle as well as many other factors.   We ask you to give one desired outcome with a driver fitting.   Everything is basically geared in that direction.  Did you know that if one shaft is great for a golfer with a 100 mph swing and a very late release and quick transition  that it is probably horrible for a golfer with a 100 mph swing and Freddy Couples type of lazy swing?   Two golfers that swing 90 mph don't necessarily need the same loft of driver.  They both should have a similar launch angle but what if one hits up on the ball by a +2* and the other hits down on the ball a -3*??  

     So the bottom line here is that each golfer needs to be evaluated and then the proper components of the golf club put in his hands.  Good players can play ok with about anything.   But they will never play to their potential until their equipment fits their skill level!  




     An iron fitting looks at grip, shaft, loft, lie, bounce and proper head type for your ability.  This fitting includes looking at hybrids and also involves discussing recommendations on set makeup that would best serve your game.  Again we ask for one desired outcome for the fitting.   What single improvement in your  iron play would make the most difference to your scores.  Is it an accuracy problem or simply looking for more distance?   It also takes about an hour and a half to two hours.  After we have agreed on the clubs, we encourage you to let us build you one of the clubs and have you hit it.  If all is good, we build the rest of the clubs around that ones' specs.  Takes a little longer but well worth the wait!  When the entire set is ready we do a lie board test with each iron and bend as necessary.       The iron fitting also includes a conversation about set makeup.   After we assess your game we will make recommendations.   Also, we will take a quick look at the gapping to see if anything else needs to be done.




     The wedge fitting looks at grip, length, shaft, loft, lie, bounce and proper heads for your swing.   Also we make suggestions on what lofts would be best suited for you depending on your iron loft makeup as well as how you intend to use each of the clubs.  We need to know about your course conditions and your swing type.  For instance do you take big divots or none at all with your wedges?   Does your course have hard or fluffy sand and is that the course you play most of your golf on?  Do you play full shots with each club or.....?    We are now in the scoring zone and take this very seriously!




     We now carry the Edel putters, SeeMore, and Odyssey as well as the CURE line of putters.    We will discuss these in more detail in the BLOG section of our website.   We have gone to lengths to ensure that regarding putting, we have something for everyone.    Putter fittings are not popular and we are setting our sights on changing that attitude.   We are working with a system with proof positive feedback.    The end result is super aiming ability, and great speed control.   With these two things and a bit of green reading you will be making more putts!!
















High Speed Photography  Casio EX-F1

High Speed Photography Casio EX-F1

We use high speed photography with every fitting.

Click picture for full description

Click picture for full description

The Zenio Putting software looks at all areas of the putting stroke and highlights areas of your stroke that could be improved.

Zenio Putting Software

Zenio Putting Software

The Zenio putting software looks at all crucial areas of your putting stroke.


Click on the picture for a larger picture and a description

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