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               Country Acre Custom Golf
 Country Acres Custom Golf began as an idea to save money.  My weakness has always been the desire to try different clubs....continually.  I would buy high on ebay and sell low usually just to get to the next "great" club.   My theory was that if I learned how to assemble my own clubs it would be substantially less costly.  I soon realized I needed some guidance to do this correctly and I enrolled in a Dynacraft school with Jeff Jackson and Jeff Summit.     I soon found out there was so much more to it and became absolutely hooked on the science behind discovering what type of club fit what type of player and why.   And I might add it is an ongoing education.   For occasionally I find that what the 'books' say about a situation is a 180 to what may work for that person.  So  the last 14 years have been a road to discovery, always entertaining and exciting for me, at least.  
     One of the main differences you will find between our custom shop vs. buying at a big box store is that if you are having difficulties with your new clubs we encourage you to come by and let us know what is going on.  We'll help you pinpoint the cause and try to find a cure.
     So call for an appointment and let me show you how custom built clubs that are properly fit to your strength, tempo and swing can really make a difference in your scores!!
                                                               Thanks,   Don    




Golf Digest Top 100 Clubfitters

2015, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, and 2022

• AGCP Level 10 Certified

• Accra Certified Fitting Studio

• Dynacraft Clubmaking Institute – Complete Clubmaking Fitting & Repair

• Dynacraft Clubmaking Institure – Total Clubfitting and Advanced Shaft Research

• Mitchell Golf – Certified Club Performance Specialist

• Professional Clubmakers Society – Certified Professional Class A Clubmaker

• PCS Certified Class A Club Repairer

• PCS Advanced Fitting School Graduate

• Certified Rifle Center

*  Wishon Golf Certified MOI Fitter


Contact us by calling 618-241-9444 or emailing us ! Contact


Country Acres Custom Golf

17198 E. Fairfield Rd.

Mt. Vernon, IL 62864

PH: (618) 241-9444


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