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We are now a certified Callaway Proponent Dealer!

Country Acres Custom Golf has just been approved as a certified Callaway Proponent Dealer! This means we can order heads only and build you a truly customized golf club. This is a perfect fit for our business which believes you must be totally custom fit to ever achieve your full potential. Our first order should arrive within a week to ten days from now. The new XR line should be here shortly afterwards.

This year Callaway has 5 styles of driver heads to choose from. All the way from super forgiving to one for extremely low spin for the high swing speed guy that hits the center of the club a high percentage of the time. This year they will also enjoy having one of the longest iron designs available. Cupface technology that has been used on woods could not, to this point, be applied to a face as small as an iron. This allows for a thinner, hotter and more forgiving face. Callaway has now been able to transfer this knowledge to their irons. The Big Bertha irons promise to be one to two clubs longer than your current irons. (Call for an explanation!) Their irons, again, have models from super forgiving and loooong to butter knife blades for the pro. Call now and set an appointment for a fitting! 618-244-1084

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