December 7, 2018

We should be seeing our new Callaway lineup as soon as early February 2019.  I've had a birds eye view of whats on the horizon and it's pretty exciting.   The Rogue Draw driver will still be in the lineup next year as will the Rogue irons as well.    We will see a new driver and a new lineup of Apex and Big Bertha irons.    Very excited about them!    Give us a call and we'll schedule an appointment for a fitting!    Trades welcome.    thanks    don

September 17, 2016

      We are happy to announce that we have partnered with Edel Golf .   The fitting system for these putters is as comprehensive as I have ever seen.  The putters we will be dealing with is their Torque Balanced line.    You've seen putters balanced on one finger and if the face is parallel to the ground it is a 'face balanced' putter and is best for the stroke that is more of a pendulum motion, straight back and thru.   Problem is we don't putt with the face parallel to the ground.    The putter is on an incline.   Take a face balanced putter and put a tee in the butt and hold the putter up with a pencil and lower it into the putting position.   You will notice that the face tends to sway awa...

February 18, 2015

SeeMore Putters

     We will be selling the SeeMore Putter line this year.   I have not only decided to sell them but I felt so strongly about them that I have trained in the off season and have been accredited as a Certified Instructor for the SeeMore Putter Institute.  I absolutely believe that if you follow the SeeMore system, which involves possibly changing your setup, that you WILL make more putts.  We are also making this year the "Let Us Help You to Make More Putts" year!!  It is surprising how few golfers ask for help on their putting when it is there for the taking.   Give us a call if you can use any help in this area!!  thx don


January 25, 2015



Country Acres Custom Golf has just been approved as a certified Callaway Proponent Dealer!    This means we can order heads only and build you a truly customized golf club.   This is a perfect fit for our business which believes you must be totally custom fit to ever achieve your full potential.  Our first order should arrive within a week to ten days from now.  The new XR line should be here shortly afterwards.

This year Callaway has 5 styles of driver heads to choose from.  All the way from super forgiving to one for extremely low spin for the high swing speed guy that hits the center of the club a high percentage of the time.  This year they will also enjoy having one o...

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